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Internal Data Differences on Sierrachart


I receive my current data from TOS and get some internals from Sierrachart for the Advance/Decline, NYSE Tick, etc.
If I was to receive data from Sierrachart chart directly for the 25 dollars that you offer, would the above internals show different numbers? Would they be more accurate?

Please let me know what you know about this.

Vix Trader


The market statistics are the same even when using the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed

Thak you,
Optimus Futures


Thank you. I was hoping for a different answer because my colleague who uses a different platform gets completely different internals. I am not saying the Sierra is not accurate but my friend is a long term trader and I trust his judgment as far as his choice of data and software.


Did you consider using an external service like DTN IQ? This would give you a different $TICK, TRIN, etc.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures


I will consider that. Now that you are mentioning it…this could be the one he is using.
Optimus, thank you for the quick reply.