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Is it possible to open more than four charts on Optimus News?


Thank you for answering my previous question on why I was limited to only viewing two charts.

I have another question regarding charts, but this time I was wondering if it is possible to open more than four?
Now that I have access to all four charts, I find myself wanting to open up even more to analyze the markets I typically follow.

I can’t really seem to find a way to adjust the Charts interface and if I zoom out further than 100% on my browser more charts do not appear.

Is there a solution or alternative that you may have for me to populate more than 4 charts on Optimus News?




Please refer to the following post. The solution posted here should solve the same issue you are currently running into: Can I use multiple monitors with Optimus News?

You can open more than four charts on Optimus News by using the Open Chart in popup feature. This will open charts in their open separate window. You can open as many as you’d like with different contracts applied to them and you can even move them to separate monitors if you have more than one.

Below is an example of a chart popup and how to open a popup window:

Take a look at the video below on how to use multiple monitors with Optimus News, the same solution can be used to open more than four charts:

I think this should be a solution to your problem! I hope this helped,
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