Using more than one monitor with Optimus Flow

I have not found much about this on the community yet.

Maybe this is more a pc related queston, how to connect 2 monitors on a pc with the Optimus Flow platform so that I can drag one of the charts to another monitor let say from the main monitor A to another monitor B , is this possible to do with Optimus Flow. Is is also possible to drag the chart back from monitor B to monitor A. I noticed that using just one monitor is not optimal. I already have a 2 monitor set.

When having an template with for example 4 timeframes of the ES future, is it possible to click on one of the smaller charts to enlarge it to full screen and when done with it can I fold it back to a smaller format, I have seen people do this on Youtube with Tradingview.

Only found this but this is with 1 chart and not with an template with 4 charts in different timeframes.

Is it possible to open more than four charts on Optimus News? is this the same as with charts?

Hello @RoForex,

Thanks for your question and coming back to the Optimus community forum!

Optimus Flow is designed to be fully customized by the user - you can essentially design your own platform! Simply open the features you went and then place them where you’d like them located on your window. The only part of the platform that must remain in a static location is the toolbar that runs on the top of your monitor here:

You can click the Optimus Flow logo in the top left of this toolbar to open the main menu and gain access to all platform features:

The platform is designed to allow you to open these features and drag/drop them on whatever monitor and location you’d like. Optimus Flow can be used with as many monitors as needed, as long as your PC hardware can handle it. You can drag these panels to any monitor you’d like and in any location.

Similar to how your internet browser works, you can also drag and drop two windows into each other creating a “tab system”.

As an example, you can see in the image below that I have opened a position and working orders window. I’ve dragged and dropped them into one another creating one window, with two different tabs of two different features:

You can temporarily make windows full screen by clicking “F11” on your keyboard. Pressing F11 makes the most recent active window full screen, you can then revert this by pressing ESC on your keyboard to bring it back to normal size.

Feel free to try the organization tips recommended above. We have also made a video that demonstrates several of these tips that I would encourage you to watch as well:

We hope you find this helpful! If you need any clarification please let us know.
Optimus Futures Support