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Issues setting up Sierra Charts trial

i’m trying to setup a sierra charts trial and i got the below error. Any ideas on why i get this on a Windows 10 laptop?

Hi @olufemig,

Thanks for your question!

For anyone who may stumble upon this post down the line, Sierra Chart now requires their users to manually install and add several files to the backend of their Sierra Chart program files when using the Rithmic data feed.

The .zip files needed to be installed can be obtained from Sierra Chart’s support board here:

And you will find the instructions on what needs to be done here: .

The files in the thread above are necessary for Sierra Chart to connect to the Rithmic trading platform service (for both live and demo accounts)

These files need to be placed into a folder named “Rim” in the Sierra Chart installation folder which is usually C:\SierraChart. So they need to be installed into C:\SierraChart\Rim

You need to create the \Rim folder if it does not already exist. Once created, simply drag and drop the extracted files into your \Rim folder and then attempt to connect on the platform side of things.

I hope this helps!

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thanks…all sorted! :+1:

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