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Keyboard shortcut stop order to up tick with 5 increments instead of 1

Hi fellow traders,

I have created a keyboards shortcut for my stop order to tick up.

But I would like it to tick up 5 instead of 1 tick. How do I accomplish this?


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Welcome back to the forum and thanks for your question.

Have you considered creating a custom keyboard shortcut? See below:

  1. Select Global Settings >> Customize Keyboard Shortcuts .
  2. In the Commands list, select Custom Trading Keyboard Shortcuts .
  3. Press the + beside that list item to expand the list.
  4. Select Custom Trading Keyboard Shortcut 1 or whatever number you want to configure.
  5. Assign the keyboard shortcut you want to that command. Refer to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts for detailed instructions.
  6. Press the Customize Trading Command button to open the configuration window for the particular Custom Trading Keyboard Shortcut selected.
  7. Set the Trade Type to either Buy or Sell for the order.
  8. From the Order Type list, select a particular order type to submit for the order.
  9. Set the Reference Price to either Bid, Ask or Last. The order price will be one of these prices selected.
  10. Set the Offset From Reference Price to the number of ticks, according to the Chart >> Chart Settings >> Tick Size , to add or subtract from the Reference Price. Use 0 for the offset to use the Bid, Ask, or Last prices without any modification. It is the Reference Price, along with this offset which calculates the final order price.

In the case of a Sell Stop order, the offset will need to be negative. In the case of a Buy Stop order the offset will need to be positive.

  1. Go to a Chart which is in Chart Trading Mode, or to a Trade DOM and make sure there is a checkmark by Trade >> Trading Keyboard Shortcuts Enabled to enable trading keyboard shortcuts for that particular Chart or Trade DOM.
  2. When that particular Chart or Trade DOM is active, then use the particular keyboard shortcut assigned to invoke submitting the configured order.
  3. With any of the submitted orders, Attached Orders can be used. Make sure the Attached Orders are configured on the Trade Window and enabled for the chart or Trading DOM.

I believe you should be able to adjust the Offset From Reference Price field to accomplish what you are looking for. It may not be the exact configuration to your solution, but this does provide you with a bit of creative freedom with keyboard shortcuts.

Let me know your thoughts,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


Hi Jake,

Thank you very much for this tutorial. I really appreciate it.

Cheers Zonescalper