Hey Matti,

SC support now OCO server side with Rithmic and I assume that you have a hand in this since its for Optimus users only.
When I asked them about R|API+ (which is needed for this capability), they said they’ll check, and then responded that they won’t support R|API+.
Are you the “blame” that they do now?

Anyway, OCO server side is nice, but most traders actually use Brackets (which are OCO server side after parent execution).
I asked SC if/when they will implement the Bracket server side ability and they said:
“Rithmic bracket orders are not yet supported due to a compatibility problem”
So I ask is it in the works? you see it happening?:
“Yes, we think so. Although this depends upon Rithmic.”

Since I think you have a hand and a leg in this, is Bracket server side coming? if so when? if not, can you make it happen?

@Hendrixon Thank you for your email, and I appreciate the time you dedicated to write it.
As far as Optimus and SC, Rithmic, all I can say is that we always operate in dynamic environments, and where you saw closed doors before, new avenues open up and in some instances people could become very flexible when practical solutions are implemented. The guys behind SC and Rithmic made it happen so that Optimus has server side OCO for Optimus.

I will discuss with Sierra what is the situation with the Bracket Server Side and get back to you shortly with that.

Again, thank you for your post, and don’t them coming!


Update: Spoke to the Sierra team today and the Bracket OCO is something that they are working on right now with Rithmic.
I was told that Rithmic has to change some parameters to be compatible with Sierra.
Tomorrow I will talk to Rithmic to try and expedite it.


Super! that will be a huge step forward.
It will throw away plenty of hours I spent writing scripts and studies to pull data from SC and send trades thru R|Trader… but it would be my pleasure.
Btw, your first replay was class A in verbal gymnastics… I think Hillary just found her to be chief of staff;)