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Question with Sierrachart setup


I just signed up with Optimus with the plan to use Sierra Level 3
I see it on the website as a free platform.
Does this mean I get no monthly $24 Sierra fee and just pay the $15 data fee with it?

Also another issue too…
I kinda screwed up and bought last week a 12 month access to Sierra Level3 for $192
If I’m getting free access to Sierra, I don’t really need this anymore and should cancel?

Please let me know how best to go about this.



The Sierrachart platform package three is $15 with AMP. Sadly, we do not provide it for free because this is what they charge our customers. We will cover it if you are a very active customer. We will make the changes on the pages we missed, and we appreciate it if you brought it to our attention. Please use this is as your reference.

If you already bought the 12-month access, there is nothing we can do. I guess you will have to use that, and when the next billing period arrives you should cancel one of them. My suggestion is NOT to use the credentials from any broker now for Sierra, and use only the data feed. Honestly, this should have been brought to our attention when you established the account because then we could advise you to use only what Sierra sent for the platform.

We will help you further with that if necessary.

Kind regards,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Thanks for your reply Matt
I was just browsing your site and came across this page
where it shows Sierra Level 3 as FREE

If I knew it was not free and cost an extra $15/month,
I wouldn’t have picked Sierra and avoid paying twice for it.

I remember too you mentioned, that it is pretty easy to switch platforms.
As mentioned, my plan was to use two platforms, and pay for extra data fee.

Can you please switch me to free Multicharts.NET and I’ll pay for two data feeds?
One feed for free and my own Sierra?

My apologies for the screw up and non technical question
But I believe this question would still be helpful for those starting out?


Ok, we will set up another set of credentials for your Multichart. Not a problem.
No need to apologize, we are here to assist you while you are getting all set up.
We will make all the necessary changes on our pages to reflected the new pricing.

Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Perfect! Thanks a lot Matt, much appreciated.