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R Trader Additional clarifications

Rithmic trader is starting to grow on me… i have a few additional clarifications

  1. I have heard through Optimus i get better Rithmic historical data including Intraday data - Could you explain
  2. For backtesting, I am looking for expired contracts (including calendars) and if yes, is it available for all combinations including calendars and flys?
  3. I would like to zoom in and out of charts - the charts seem to fixed to the filters like the lookback period and duration of the chart. Is there any way for this?
  4. Unless i am missing something, cannot link one window to a another… like a Quote window to a Chart window and an Order book so you can flip through different symbols and show it on the chart
  5. Can we do a study on a study? Something simple like Moving average of a RSI and make it show on the same pane below the chart
  6. Is it possible to have several symbols in excel and download historical daily data at once? What is the limit for daily data?
  7. Last Question: Synthetic board: Is it possible to create custom synthetic symbols (like one calendar minus another calendar, and trade it through the order book)

I will say having used a competing product (which is good and you support), if it can do all this, it is a very professional product but the documentation is seriously lacking

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@jokertrader We really appreciate the questions you posted here. However, we would appreciate it if you could ask one question per subject when you post your inquiries. This would allow us to zoom in on single subjects. For example, question 1 would be as follows:

Subject: Rithmic Trader Backtesting
Body of text: I have heard through Optimus i get better Rithmic historical data including Intraday data - Could you explain?

BTW, the right section is here:

This would allow us to focus each thread on specific needs and make it easier for others to follow specific subjects. If you lack the time to do so, we can do that for you and break your question to specific subjects and mention you.

We are just trying to make our support board a bit more organized than others :slight_smile:

Matt Z
Optimus Future


I am updating this thread with the corresponding links for each of the questions mentioned above which were answered in their own thread:

1. Rithmic historical data special to Optimus
2. Calendar spreads are supported on R Trader, but I personally cannot find a way to access the expired versions through the Add Symbol window. This may be possible by configuring your own spread through the synthetic board. For regular futures contracts, their historical data extends to the creation date of the contract.
3 & 4. Rithmic Trader Charting Zooming and linking
5. R trader study on study on same panel
6. R trader historical mass download to Excel
7. Synthetic spreads and trading through R Trader

Thanks for your time,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: