Rithmic on Sierra Chart Depth of Market levels

Is there the ability to have full depth of market (more than 10 levels) for crude oil for Sierra Chart using Rithmic data? I know that it is provided via CQG data.

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Hello @jmb thank you for posting the question. We have taken the Rithmic API and plugged it into the native R Trader platform. This reflects the capability of the Rithmic API.
As you can see from the image below the Rithmic API does produce more than 10 levels deep. The same should apply to Sierra as well.

We will reach out to Sierra as well to try and resolve this. It seems that some do get it and others do not. As soon as we have more details, we wil let you know.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures Support

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Just a few more updates:

Newer versions of Sierra Chart do have a setting to limit the number of displayed market depth levels throughout a chart, refer to:

Also, there has been this setting for the Chart DOM:

Please check these settings.

Also, you can There is this setting under Global Settings → Chart DOM Settings. This where you can find the DOM settings for the depth that you want to see.

Thank you.
Matt Z
Optimus Trading Support

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