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Rithmic Trader Charting Zooming and linking

I read that Rithmic Trader does not allow to zoom in and out of the chart - is that right?(workaround would be to use look back periods)

Also is it true, you cannot link windows like Quote Board, Orderbook and charts so you can flip through symbols - workaround would be to open new windows for each symbol: Correct?

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Hello @jokertrader,

As mentioned in the following thread: Y Axis Price Calibration on Rithmic Trader, Although you don’t have the option to “zoom in” you can adjust the Show * bars setting, which will essentially allow you to zoom in and magnify an R Trader Pro chart.

To the second part of your question, I don’t believe you can “link” windows. As an alternative, I would suggest to open a Quote Board and enter the contracts you trade on a frequent basis. Once you have added a few different contracts, you can right-click on that contract and open a new order book, chart, market history, or order tick directly for that contract as shown below:

There are a few platforms that have the option to “link” your chart and quoteboard and DOM so if you click on one contract, the linked widgets will adjust, but I do not believe R Trader or R Trader Pro contains this feature.

I hope this clears things up. Let me know if we were on the same page here!

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Thanks Jake. Understood.

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