Sierra Chart Trading Move to Breakeven for Stop When Short Leaving Orphan Stops Open

Trading NQ in a Rithmic account using Sierra Chart 64-bit v2550.

This set of 3 targets, and 2-step move to breakeven for stop, works for both longs and shorts in the Sierra simulator accounts, and works for longs using Rithmic live accounts.

It breaks when going short in Rithmic live accounts the following way:
-I set a sell stop to enter the trade.
-Trade is entered, and I see the proper 3 targets and single shared stop level.
-Target 1 is hit, and the associated (5 contract) stop is left orphaned and active.
-This is repeatable every time.

Any ideas on what setting to check in Sierra Chart which may cause this? Is there something I have to configure for this to work properly when shorting in Rithmic accounts?

Here is my Targets setup in Sierra Chart:

Target 1:

Target 2:

Target 3:

Step 1 of Move to Breakeven for Stop:

Step 2 of Move to Breakeven for Stop:

I just had this happen a few more times.

2 of the profit taker’s triggered, and left 2 orphaned stops showing in Sierra Chart.

Rithmic Trader Pro was only showing my third (and last) remaining OCO stop/profit taker, and it did not show those 2 orphaned orphaned stops that appear in Sierra Chart.

This is repeatable in live accounts.

Is there something in how Rithmic sends acknowledgements for limit buy stops as part of OCO orders when in a short trade, which is different than how it handles limit sell stops as part of OCO orders when in a long trade?

Ideas on what to test on my side to fix this?

Hi @tradefut,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the Optimus community forum.

Based on the information and screenshots you’ve provided along with my own personal knowledge of Sierra Chart, in my opinion, it seems like this behavior could be happening due to the lack of server-side support from Sierra Chart when using Rithmic.

Here is some more information from Sierra Chart’s site that describes what they offer and support when using Rithmic: Rithmic Trading Platform Service - Sierra Chart.

I personally believe the behavior you described could be happening because Rithmic is unable to link these working orders as an OCO on their servers. I would recommend that you create a support post or ticket for Sierra Chart’s own support team so they can confirm their suspicions, but based on everything I know and have experienced when using Rithmic + Sierra Chart, I personally think this is the reason.

Again this is only my opinion and assumption based on the information you’ve provided here, ultimately we cannot say for sure unless we saw the Rithmic and Sierra Chart logs. Even then you may need to still consult with Sierra Chart about this.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope this helps with solving this issue.
Optimus Futures Support

Thank you for the direction.

I changed both Use Server Side OCO and Bracket Orders to No, and now the stops on OCO orders move properly.


You’re welcome!

Thank you for letting us know the steps you took to get this to start working - this should be helpful for any other Sierra users connected with Rithmic who stumble upon this post in the future. We appreciate you following up and letting us know!

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