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Sierra Charts - Placing Trades


I was curious how many ways there are to place trades:

The standard method of manual entry is very slow, and I wanted to know what alternatives sierra chart has:

As far as I know there are/could be 3 other methods of placing a trade -

-Hotkey order entry
-chart placed order entry (click on chart + secondary button = buy / sell)
-chart based tool w/ buy @ bid / take ask buttons.

What does Sierra chart offer in terms of tools for placing a trade?
& of those tools, how would one go about setting them up?



I know that the guys at Optimus are working on Instructional videos for Sierra Chart and this topic will surely be covered too very soon. The Videos are here:

For faster ways of placing trades check those options:

  1. Using the Trade Dom: File>> Open Trading Dom >> and choose the symbol. On the trading Dom you can place orders by clicking (one click) on the buy or sell column. In order to learn and configure which click (right/left) does what go to Global Settings>> Chart Dom Settings. (Make sure you are on Sim mode when you play with those).

  2. Trade Window: To open a trade window for the Dom or for a specific chart: Trade >> Attach trade window to Chart. The trade window allows you to enter trading orders by clicking on the different Buy/Sell buttons and allows you to choose different trading orders, to set the number of contracts and to configure Brackets (OCO orders).

  3. Sierra Chart has an awesome feature called Chart Dom which is a Dom that is attached to the right edge of a chart and you use it to enter trading orders by clicking on the Buy/Sell columns like the regular Dom.

All this is documented here: Table of Contents - Sierra Chart


And keep an eye on the Optimus Trading YouTube channel where you will soon find a video about this topic.

Good Luck.


Thank [MENTION=956]Yonatan[/MENTION]. We also have added another video created by our technical staff member, John.
This discusses order placement.




Great Videos Matt and John, Optimus is always one step ahead :slight_smile:
Those Sierra Chart Instructional videos that you guys at Optimus are preparing are so helpful and important, thanks a lot.


You have been instrumental support along the way and we appreciate it.