Sierrachart-Background error

Sometimes when I open SC, some of my charts have a red background instead of the default black. I can sometimes get rid of this by opening chart settings and hitting OK, but not always. Also, I can sometimes get rid of it by closing and restarting SC. It is not my settings because I can sometimes correct it. But I would like to permanently prevent this from happening, or at least have a foolproof method of correcting it. This is really annoying, because I have red indicators on the charts that are not visible on a red background! Any ideas?


Sorry, you’re running into this issue. I can understand how that might be frustrating.

This is the first time that we’ve had a trader run into such an issue. I’ve attempted to look through Sierra Chart’s resources, but I can’t seem to find any documentation on this particular problem.

Next time this error occurs, would you mind taking a screenshot of it? We can provide this screenshot to Sierra Chart’s developers to locate the root cause of this issue. I believe they would be able to assist us going forward.

Thanks for your patience,
Optimus Futures Support
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