SierraChart Demo Sign UP Integration With Rithmic

*As part of an on-going process to make our services as efficient and easy as possible for our prospective clients we have made some improvements to our SierraChart demo system. *

*Previously, those who wished to try SierraChart with the Rithmic data feed would have to request Rithmic credentials for market data on our website, but would then also have to create an account on the SierraChart website to gain access to the SierraChart software. *

We felt that this created unnecessary steps and confusion for setting up the SierraChart demo, so we made a few changes to the process to make it easier for our users.

*Now, those who are interested in trying SierraChart & Rithmic can request Rithmic credentials and create a SierraChart software account all from the same form to save time with setting up the SierraChart & Rithmic demo system. *

*You can sign up for a SierraChart demo at the following link: *

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