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SierraChart - New Navigation Redesign for Optimus Trading Group (Optimus Screen)


As part of our continued efforts to offer more value for our customers, the Optimus team has been hard at work redesigning the SierraChart toolbar to make for a more pleasant visual display and reference to tools that some of you may use actively throughout your trading sessions.

It is currently being implemented by the SierraChart team and will be available in just a few days for all Optimus customers at no extra cost. Moving forward, this update will be called ‘OptimusScreen’ to identify these extra features that are Optimus exclusive.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their commitment and welcome you to share your thoughts, ideas, and comments with us as we strive to provide our customers with a trading environment conducive to success.

To see a preview of the toolbar redesign please take a look at my PDF attachment. The navigation bar below is old one one, while the one above is the OptimusScreen implementation.
OptimusScreen.pdf (196 KB)



Is this available to those of us who already have Sierra with you?
It would be nice if you share it with all and not just new users.


I apologize if I gave the impression its is for new only. Of course this will be available to all of Optimus customers whether new joining in or existing ones. We should have all ready in a week.



Will you send customers an update where to download the new Sierra?


Yes, we will make an announcement once this is ready. This will come via an email.



Is this feature still available and is it available to trial users because I downloaded Sierra charts yesterday and I didn’t see the new navigation toolbar when I opened the platform.

Is there something I have to do to see it?



Hello @fredrey Did you download your Sierra from our pages? Sierra Chart Free Demo | Professional Trading Platform | Optimus Futures

Please let us know.

Thank you,
Optimus Futures
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