SierraChart Windows 7 upgrade... 32 bit or 64 bit?

I like what I’ve read about the Rhithmic feed, and am looking forward to getting things up and running. Accessing the Rhithmic feed will require that I make some hardware changes. I was running windows XP, and will now have to make the switch to Windows 7. I was due a hardware upgrade anyway, so now is the time.

Some specifics: I use Sierra Chart, and have dual monitors with a 5R (range bars) chart on one screen, and a 40T (tick chart) on the other. 3 indicators; volume by bar, volume by price, and a momentum oscillator. The only constant data load on the system will be the Rhithmic feed. There are no peripheral devices connected.

In normal operations, I don’t see the need for the benefits of 64 bit architecture (more memory access, faster math processing). As Sierra Chart is a 32 bit application it must run through the WoW64 emulator, which will slow it down (possibly 2%). Now, if you’re still entering trades with that “clicky” thing on your desktop (mouse) none of this may make a difference. So, my question is more of a “just curious” one.

The question is… considering the above… when I purchase the new computer, is it best to have the 32 bit, or the 64 bit version loaded? Unless I’m missing something it seems that either would work, but there may be an optimum choice.


Hello unclepennybags,

Thank you for your forum post!

Although Sierra Chart is a 32 bit application, it would run fine on a 64 bit version of Windows. I would recommend going with the 64 bit version of Windows as this opens up possibilities for your machine to be more ‘future-proof’ than just going with a 32 bit application.

It is of my opinion that any performance hit from running a 32 bit application on a 64 bit machine would be negligible, so I would still stick with a 64 bit operating system if possible.

However, in your case, you are correct, either would work just fine for your situation.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions in the future.