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SIM account value


I see that Sierra Chart displays only the REAL Account information under TOP (Trade Orders & Positions).

  1. How does Sierra Chart helps me keep track of the sim orders I place during the day while on SIM MODE?
  2. Is there a place where all SIM orders display and remain for analysis? Do they expire?
  3. Since there is no Account Value for the SIM that I can see, Is there also no limit as to how many contracts one can BUY/SELL and no Margin Restrictions?
  4. It appears that Sierra Chart offers a quick toggle to SIM MODE but without “any” real account restrictions.

Not that I need to keep resetting my DEMO amounts while testing strategies.
Just wanted to get clarity on this.

Please advice,


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Hi @Project11,

To answer both questions 1. & 2.:

You can actually keep track of simulated positions in the Trade Orders and Positions Window. All simulated positions will be designated with [SIM] leading the order. The image below is a bit outdated, but you can see how simulated positions are represented in the Trade Orders and Positions Window here:

I would also like to mention that you can keep track of simulated orders within the Trade Activity Log. This will display ALL simulated orders, not just the simulated positions you currently hold. That being said, please make sure you select the filter to display simulated orders within this screen, otherwise, this window will only display live orders. You can take a look at the image below on how to filter the Trade Activity Log to display simulated orders:

3. Correct, there is no limit as to how many contracts you can buy or selling within sim mode. You essentially have free reign as to how many trades you want to place. Go nuts!

4. Correct, simply toggle sim mode on or off and it is as simple as that!

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug:


@Mod-JakeM ,
Excellent inputs.
Thanks a lot.

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