Trading S&P 500 Futures

I prefer to trade the S&P 500 futures and I have the Sierra Chart data feed. On the Intraday chart the day ends at 4:15 not 4:00. I think it affects my indicators. How do I fix this?


You will need to adjust the session times of your chart to fix this. PLEASE NOTE: You may only adjust session times on intraday charts, so please keep this in mind.

To change the session times of an intraday chart:

1. With a chart open, navigate to Chart > Chart Settings on the top of the platform window or press the F5 shortcut.

2. If not already selected, choose the Intraday Chart option under the Chart Data Type field.

3. I would then suggest to change the end time of your session to 16:00:00 as I have done in my screenshot below. Keep in mind this must be on a 24 hour scale.

Another suggestion would be to change the time zone of your platform if incorrect.

1. Navigate to File > Data/Trade Service Settings

2. Select the appropriate time zone for your location. This could be effecting the session times of your chart.

If you have any further questions related to this issue don’t hesitate to ask.


Optimus Futures Support
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Thanks, that worked out perfectly.