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Trading the S&P Cash Index


I am using CQG and it is my understanding that this is a trade-able index. The Dom doesn’t appear to work with this symbol. I tried a simple bracket order based on $1.00 increments Couldn’t place a trade. Tried doing a market order and it apparently worked and the market moved a few points and I used a market order sell. No profit the buy and the sell was the same to the penny. I use the symbol $INX and it provides a good historical data record. Unlike trading the E-mini future contract with a point value of $50 or $12.50 per tick the index is supposed to trade at $250 a point. Because it is trades to 2 decimal points (.01) the DOM flies around like crazy. I would like to be able to set an entry point OCO stop loss and target.


This is a Cash type index. We at Optimus Futures, are only dealing with Futures contracts. We are not sure how to place trades like that, but we assume you need an equity account. This symbol is probably good for research and reference.

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