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Unlink charts or bypass link


I have a chart study that uses right side fill space. I want to put it on a chart within a chartbook. But when I create the space on this particular chart, all the charts create a right side fill space because they are all linked together. How do I unlink this particular chart so I can create the fill space, or how can I bypass the link for this particular chart?



To unlink a chart you will first need to have the chart open on your workspace. With a chart open:

1. Navigate to Chart > Chart Settings or use the F5 key shortcut.

2. With chart settings open, select the Advanced Settings 2 Tab.

3. Under the Chart Linking, Link Number field set the link number to None. If you’d like, it also appears that you can simply uncheck the Studies checkbox. I believe this would limit the platform from linking studies from other linked charts.

I would suggest trying both methods to see which one works for you. You may be better off completely unlinking the charts to avoid further issues.

You may need to create a new chart from scratch without any studies applied or another chart linked to it to remove that right side fill space you are alluding to.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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