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Volume Profiles in SierraChart


Can I create Custom/Composite volume profiles with Sierra Chart ?


Yes, go to TOOLS >> DRAW VOLUME PROFILE and then go to the chart, place the cursor on the bar from which you wish the Volume profile to begin and click on it. Then go to the bar where you want it to end and click again. You should now see the profile.
Once you click on the profile the profile’s frame will appear and you can click on it and drag in order to include more or less bars in the profile or you can delete it by clicking once on the profile and then hitting the Delete key.

The settings are the same as those of the Volume by Price study and you can change the colors of the fill and outline of the volume bars, you can highlight the Value area, extend the POC/VAH/VAL lines and much much more.

Sierra Chart - Volume by Price Study / Volume Profiles
Sierra Chart - Chart Drawing Tools

Two features I really like are:

  1. You can align the Volume profile to the right of the drawn period (Choose “yes” for “Right Align Volume Bars”) or to the far right edge of the chart (Choose “yes” for “Right Align Volume Bars” and “yes” for “Align to Far Right”).

  2. You can draw only the outline of the profile by choosing the “Yes” for “Draw Volume Profile Outline Only”.

If you have several custom profiles on your chart and you wish to delete them all you can use the TOOLS >> ERASE ALL DRAWN VOLUME PROFILES.