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Why are my charts displaying the wrong time zone on Sierra Chart?



I am located in the Pacific time zone, but my charts on Sierra Chart are displaying as if I was in the central time zone? Is there any way I can edit this so the time is aligned with my own time zone? My computer settings are set to Pacific time.



This is a simple fix that can be found in the same settings box that you initialized your data feed in.

1. Head over to File > Data/Trade Service Settings

It is safe to assume that if your platform is displaying the wrong time zone that it either, A. Didn’t automatically set to one or B. It has been set to Chicago/Central Time.

2. In the Data/Trade Service Settings box head over to the right side of the window and select the Time Zone drop down menu.

As you can see, our option is currently set to Not Specified. This will potentially set your charts to the time zone of the exchange.

3. Select the Los Angeles time zone to adjust your chart’s time zone settings and then left click OK.

Once selected, any chart in the future that is opened will automatically set to the Pacific Time Zone.

Let us know if you have any further questions related to this issue.


Optimus Futures Support


Hey Jake,
I imported a set of charts that is set to Chicago time zone. Even though I followed your directions and set to New York time, the charts did not change. Is there a way to manually change each chart since the global setting is not working?


Hi @eleven48,

I believe it is possible to change the timezone individually across multiple charts. Take a look at the steps below:

1. With a chart open, right click within the chart window and open Chart Settings.

2. Open the Advanced Settings Tab
3. Pull down the dropdown menu to select from the available time zones that Sierra Chart offers.
4. Once a time zone has been selected, left click the apply button.

To my knowledge this will automatically reconfigure the time zone for the chart you accessed chart settings through.

Let me know if this worked for you, if not, we can look into alternative solutions.

Thanks for your question,
Optimus Futures Support


Thanks Jake,
That worked.


Thank you to @Mod-JakeM our tech support. @eleven48 Thank you for your questions!

Matt Z
Optimus Futures