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Will I be able to customize volume profiling tool in Sierrachart?


I have heard good things about the Sierra Chart program and am considering switching over. I do have a question about volume profiling. I use volume profiling quite a bit in my analysis and I was wondering if the volume profiling tool in Sierra Chart allows for customization. For example, would I be able to customize the volume profile for a specific time period range?


I’ve always found Sierra Chart to be a program that emphasizes the ability to customize various aspects of the program. I do know the volume profiling tool allows for quite a bit of customization. In the setting screen you will see a great variety of customizations that can be made on the volume profile selecting ranges in times and dates and much more. I think if you do choose to go with Sierra Chart, you will find it to be great for customization options. I hope my response was helpful.


You can choose time frames, choose how many ticks each bar will be (for example if you build a chart with a year or two of data, you don’t want to see bars on every 0.25 price level of ES or worse, every 0.10 price of crude and TF, so you can build a profile of bigger jumps like 4 ticks in ES etc.).
SC’s Volume By Price study (what you call Volume Profile) is probably one of SCs bigger strength.
If you know a little programming, SC gives you access to all this data to build your own custom studies.


@Hendrizon, thanks for the effort of answering the questions and helping me grow this community…very appreciated.



The Sierra Chart Volume by Price study is fully customizable. You have the ability to customize it to cover any time range. There are various options to specify the duration of the Volume profile . Or you can use repeating profiles based upon a specific fixed time period or number of bars.