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Windows Firewall Defender Pop-up handling


After initial downloading of Sierra Charts, I got the Windows Defender Firewall popup.
Which option is best to choose to that I don’t disable some features of the program?

I am inclined to simply press “ALLOW ACCESS”.
Please advice,


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By reading on the Sierra Charts’ website they suggest to disregard and basically allow all installation and not I guess allow all access.

Antivirus/Anti-malware Software Flagging Section:


We have no issues with their software running or posing risk. But, I appreciate the concern and post.

Thank you,
Matt Z
Optimus Futures


Thanks @Mod-MattZ,
I wasn’t really concerned about Sierra being malicious but rather wanted to make sure
I don’t have my anti-virus or windows firewall disable any features.
I allowed all access.
It’s running smooth.

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