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Is it possible to add custom drawing tabs?


I wonder if its possible to add some most used drawing tabs across the top interface?
I see that there are a few basic drawing tools in the default such as pivot drawing etc…
It would be very useful.

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I realized that by clicking to the right of the BAR, it triggers a window for a series of customizing features!
Very well designed.
I will sometimes post a question and I may end up answering myself (lol) as I toggle around the platform and learn new things.
Learning curve at play.
This solves a lot for me as I can now customize to show only what I need across the top and that includes having extra layers if needed.

Don’t have to be stuck to a typical default layout.
Well done Sierra!!

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Thanks for following up on your own question! I believe this will help users who weren’t already familiar with the fact that their is an ability to customize the toolbar at the top of the platform.

If interested, traders can also refer to the following thread for more customization options on Sierra Chart: How to change Fonts & Colors on the DOM, Charts and interface?

Thanks for your input,
Optimus Futures Support :optimus_logo_no_backroug: