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Futures Trading Platforms

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On exchange traded futures spreads... Is that possible in the CQG Qtrader through Optimus? If yes, is that exchange margin on those as well? 4 November 18, 2019
Are your Futures OCO Orders held on the Server or Locally? 2 November 14, 2019
Rithmic historical data special to Optimus 6 November 13, 2019
Brackets, Break even and Trailing stops 4 November 12, 2019
R Trader Additional clarifications 3 November 12, 2019
R trader historical mass download to Excel 2 November 12, 2019
Rithmic Enables Break Even Brackets in R | Trader™ and R | Trader Pro™ 4 November 11, 2019
R trader study on study on same panel 3 November 11, 2019
Rithmic Trader Charting Zooming and linking 3 November 11, 2019
Do all the platforms you offer have options capability? 2 November 10, 2019
Bookmap Trading Platform AMA (Ask Me Anything) 72 November 11, 2019
I want to trade both futures and options of CME, CBOT, COMEX AND NYMEX. Could you tell me the total cost for platform and charting for the four exchanges in sierrachart software? 2 November 8, 2019
Customizing R Trader DOM and canceling orders 4 November 7, 2019
I need a platform that is capable using my laptop, smart phone and desktop to do my practice and live trading when I am ready to go live. What can you offer? 2 November 6, 2019
I have requested a 30 day free trial with platform but did not received any data to connect. Why? 2 November 6, 2019
Y Axis Price Calibration on Rithmic Trader 6 November 5, 2019
I want to open a futures account which can interface with trading view - basically a CQG powered account. Can you help with on mobile? 2 November 4, 2019
If I wanted to use Rithmic Data for Bookmap what is the monthly fee for the data and platform to do that? 2 November 4, 2019
Journalytix/CQG Integration from Jigsaw 2 November 1, 2019
Whats the difference between CQG Desktop and CQG M? Are they free? 2 November 1, 2019
Does the T4 Mobile Allow for futures trading? 2 October 30, 2019
I have opened a live account and is set up to live trading via CQG, how do I start sierra chart service? 2 October 30, 2019
NOTICE: CQG Emergency Maintenance - Today: 10/29/2019 at 16:30 CST 1 October 29, 2019
Do you have platforms that offer viewable options chains on ES without having to configure them and know all the symbols? 2 October 29, 2019
What strategy can be used to predict the direction of the chart before the news is released? 2 October 29, 2019
I am looking for a fast data feed to scalp news releases, do you provide such services? 4 October 29, 2019
In Rithmic Pro - on charts - is there any way to change the font size of the chart elements: price axis on right, time on bottom and chart trades data? 4 October 29, 2019
Pros and cons of using Sierra Chart own data feed 17 October 28, 2019
Can I use Multiple APIS at the same time? 2 October 27, 2019
ATTENTION: Free MTF Indicator - Google Chrome Warning - LOOK HERE 1 October 25, 2019